Interactive System

Introduction to interactive classroom system

                                                                                                    Introduction to interactive classroom system

KNC interactive classroom English system (easy course) after a long process of research and development, finally officially presented. KNC interactive classroom English system (easy course) is an interactive classroom teaching software developed by KNC for teachers and students.Its intelligent blackboard, students with tablets, AP router and other hardware as the foundation, carrying size screen interactive software, interactive classroom teaching software, electronic schoolbag resources, promote the interaction between the classroom teaching, teachers and students, classroom assessment, classroom management, and other functions, greatly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching and fun.


KNC Interactive classroom English system function:


1. Support the marking function of PPT, ebook, dynamic video, etc., and support the gesture to erase some areas without switching any buttons;The following courseware can also be operated if the marked content is retained
2. Support electronic response function, and students' photos and names should be displayed on the large screen in a prominent form.The teacher should give evaluation or praise to the student who answers the question in the software and record it in the system. Other students can also give evaluation to the student to achieve full interaction.
3. Support the teaching feedback function, the teacher talking about any courseware PPT, e-books, etc, may at any time a key will screen tablet content is pushed to the students, let all the students write a way to answer the question, for students to answer the content teachers can choose by specifying a way, random way students display on the screen, for review.
The answer content of the students supports the function of playback in order to understand the students' answer thoughts.For the students who answer, the teacher can evaluate, grade and record in the system.Other students can also vote by popularity to choose who answers the best, so as to achieve the interactive classroom atmosphere.

4. With the support of in-class test function, teachers can quickly master the acceptance of classroom knowledge of the whole class by passing several test questions.
Support single choice, multiple choice, judgment, subjective questions, real - time questions and other test types;
It supports the function of counting down time and automatically receiving the test paper, and shows the real name system to the unsubmitted students before receiving the test paper.
Supports the function of result analysis, and can count the names and percentage of correct answers on a question by question, so that teachers can know whether students have mastered this knowledge point and decide whether they need to explain it in detail.

5. Support the function of screen push. Teachers can push the contents of the big screen to the students' tablet in real time and dynamically.
Each student can take notes on the pictures he receives and keep them in his own notes for review after class.
6. Support the student demonstration function, the teacher may authorize a student PAD control screen directly, through their own hands finish studied-faq, small demonstration lectures, classroom teachers classroom demonstration function, such as the authorized students have strong PPT annotation, PPT pages, magnifying glass, spotlights, sketchpad demonstration, broadcast live video, video, and other functions.

7. It supports the function of student flying screen. Teachers can specify the screen content of a student to be displayed on the large screen, so that students can display their homework, outdoor activity photos and so on.
8. The function of random selection is supported. In class, teachers can randomly select a student to answer questions through the random selection function, so as to achieve the fairness of the teaching process.The interactive function of mutual assessment should be supported for the response results of the selected students.

9. Support functions of praise, the teacher in the teaching process can at any time for any student to praise or criticism, such as to the students to answer the question points, for students to observe the classroom discipline to "listen attentively" medal award, and these rewards to fold into the score record to the student assessment report of the total.
10. Support the grouping teaching function. Teachers can freely group according to the class seating conditions and realize different teaching contents for the group.
11. Support the function of class lock screen or individual lock screen to facilitate teachers to manage classroom discipline.
12. Support the unified shutdown function to facilitate teachers to maintain and manage the equipment.
13. Walking support function of teaching, the teacher by mobile phone or tablet about teaching, realize the classroom large projection screen contents to the handheld device, through the hand-held device control classroom big screen, can be implemented on hand-held devices such as the content of the courseware project, material and so on to the big screen, and dynamically share the student end equipment, real mobile terminal to the big screen, teachers, students, the screen more interactive, the purpose of implementation about teaching.

14. Note function, teachers through software, classroom teaching material, classroom assignments, etc can be pushed to the students directly side notes, students can through notes teachers push function to view the notes content, students can also save your lecture notes, problem solving results to individual notes, convenient for later review.
15. Suspension window design. When teachers open any PPT, ebook, full-screen video and other courseware, they can operate and explain the courseware quickly and conveniently through the suspension window.