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KNC Cloudy Management and control solution1.1  System brief Introduction【KNC MDM SYSTEM】It is a cloud architecture application system specialized in one-to-one digital learning management and con

KNC Cloudy Management and control solution

1.1  System brief Introduction
【KNC MDM SYSTEM】It is a cloud architecture application system specialized in one-to-one digital learning management and control of mobile terminals. It is customized for education industry and can be fully controlled without ROOT authority.Teachers operate in the background of cloud, and students' data are automatically updated and terminal information is displayed in real time.Student behavior log fixed point upload, violation log immediately report;Effectively manage and control the students' addiction to games, illegal application and bad website browsing.Reasonably configure the APP and use time required by students, flexibly control the Internet access scheme of students' terminals, and create a green learning environment for students.


1.2  System Architecture


1.3  System Introduction

1.3.1  Student terminal Introduction


A. Education special custom interface, can block all kinds of application installation  Using the virtual Launcher customization interface, students cannot jump out of this interface. Students can only operate the APP in the interface, and cannot install other applications;

B. Student logs in real time to upload, various regulatory student status  Real-time communication between the student terminal and the school cloud with log and behavior track.All the students' operation behaviors are uploaded to the school cloud. The teacher can monitor and see what the students do in real time in the background.
C White list application network, a single application network under control The background of the school can control the terminal APP independently on the network, and disable the network of any APP or restrict the white list.Reasonably control the APP;
D Accurate control Ø Internet browser time-sharing, black and white listThe built-in browser can open and close the network at different times, and the school can set it according to the school's school hours.You can also use black and white lists for network access restrictions.
E The background can set the APP to start from scratch, and the terminal will change with youTeachers can set any APP that has been pushed in the school background as the program that starts automatically when the terminal is started, effectively improving the classroom teaching efficiency.password can exit mechanism, native, dual control a machine

1.3.2 The control interface can be controlled by password exit. After exit, it is no different from the ordinary tablet.Students can use the control interface to learn, and teachers can use the tablet after they quit the control.
1.3.3 School Background Introduction


Full-time, full monitoring program, real-time access to flat panel information

When pushing the application to the terminal in the background of the school, the application that can be pushed can be silently installed, the student terminal will automatically download and install after networking, the whole process does not need manual operation, this application also has anti-unloading;

The industry leads the self-maintenance strategy, the illegal application has no hiding form. Control terminal software can be installed by students in violation of the application, automatic screening. Automatically screen and upload the violation log when discriminating to the illegal application;  Terminal comes with application, display information can be selected to hide displayThe terminal interface of the students can display the school, grade, class, name and number in real time, with custom browser and set up function. These functions can be selectively displayed and hidden.
Teachers and parents control access to achieve both home and school "management" under the Cloud management and control system has teachers and parents terminal, can monitor the general role of student terminals, teachers and parents at the same time supervision of students, the good habits of students play a very good role;

School background function
Data statistics - - online , offline , not logged on , non - compliance log real - time reporting , accurate knowledge of student information
Equipment management-equipment lock screen, terminal hardware switch, student location track is available

Application management-application classification, class distribution, silent installation upgrades, network white list Browser management-network black, white list dual filtering, can be split open to disconnect the network System setup-terminal interface and information custom display, suitable for multi-type school teaching

System characteristics

Worry-free ROOT- an application-level management and control system that requires no ROOT to achieve overall control. Health application-teacher strict screening for the application required, cloud remote push, ensure the content is absolutely healthy. Green network-black and white list dual filtering, open management, create a green learning environment. Virtual customization-using Virtual Desktop Design, Student Information, system Desktop customized Personality presentation
Easy to install and easy to install in registered schools, and easy to manage the annual class frame structure
Status query-student online, offline, not logged in, violation log real-time reporting, accurate understanding of student information
Education boutique-Edu505.com brings together various learning methods, contents and resources of various educational quality networks

System advantage
Customized educational, online behavior cloud control system hierarchical level - by - step management , simple , convenient , efficient
Comprehensive and Multi-role Protection of students' Network Learning Environment
Safety system convenient, efficient, measurable, manageable and controllable
Multi mode omni-directional control of student flat, seamless conversion between home and school
Multi-role supervision, management, control, schools, teachers, parents have respective authority
Can be docked with the flat interface to achieve bottom control, anti-brush machine