13.3 inch light KNC notebook starting the market

2017-05-11 15:56:22 Shenzhen HuaRuiAn Technology Co.,Ltd Read
13.3 inch light KNC notebook starting the market

13.3 inches light KNC notebook X6A May 1 starting market."X6A" equipped with Intel's new generation Celeron N3450 quad-core processor (Apollo Lake), the highest frequency up to 2.2GHz, plus the ninth generation GPU and 4GB memory, strong performance. In addition, 13.3-inch 1080P ultra-high-definition IPS screen, surrounded by all-metal slim body, ultra-narrow frame design, fingerprint recognition, scalable SSD hard drive design, heavy tree high-end notebook new benchmark!


1:ABCD four metal body, CNC precision cutting process
X6A has an elegant sense of metal, with fine sandblasting process, color, texture and feel seamless. Precision CNC cutting process, for the fuselage frame, the edge of the screen sketched out the sparkling edge.

2: thin and small, rare notebook super high screen accounted for
X6A ultra-narrow frame design, so that the notebook's body smaller, the screen accounted for a higher proportion. Light to 1.35kg body, 12mm ultra-thin body.

3: Intel's new Celeron quad-core processor, 2.2GHz peak frequency.
X6A is equipped with Intel's next-generation Celeron® N3450 processor (Apollo Lake), the new Goldmont CPU design, quad-core four-threaded design architecture, the highest frequency up to 2.2GHz, easy to office, entertainment or creation tasks.


4: Intel 9th generation graphics processor, large game without mention
X6A equipped with Core Skylake with the grade of the ninth generation of HD Graphics 500 graphics processor, graphics processing frequency up to 700MHz, high-definition realistic picture, smooth game effects, so you get an unprecedented shock experience.

5: 13.3-inch 1080P full HD IPS screen, fine quality fiber cents cents now
X6A with a 13.3-inch large IPS screen, up to 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution, bring more bright colors

6: scalable extended SSD hard drive, greatly enhance the operation / transmission speed
X6A to achieve SSD solid state hard drive expansion (hard drive from the purchase, M.2 2242 specifications SSD hard drive).