2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair, several new products of HuaRuiAn Technology bloomed together

2018-03-23 14:56:52 Shenzhen HuaRuiAn Technology Co.,Ltd Read
Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair 2017, several new products of HuaRuiAn Technology bloomed together

In the April 18, 2017, four days of the Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Asia International Expo officially kicked off, as the forefront of the development of science and technology industry trends and trend of the benchmark, this exhibition is still hot, eye-catching. And HuaRuiAn Technology as an exhibitor for many years, once again shine debut, heavy launch of a variety of new products! Show a strong innovation, attracting the attention of many international buyers.

HuaRuiAn Technology has launched a number of new mobile PC office notebook computer at this exhibition.13.3-inch X6A, 14-inch X8A are equipped with a new Celeron Apollo Lake celeron N3450 processor, large 4G RAM, 64G ROM and support SSD expansion to meet the needs of most office applications. Surrounded by all-metal body X6A at the show is more eye-catching, light and solid aluminum alloy material, coupled with fine sandblasting process, color texture and feel seamless, sophisticated CNC cutting process for the body to bring shine the bright side.


Besides, in this exhibition, HuaRuiAn Technology also introduced a number of independent research and development of their own business tablet, including advertising tablet, medical tablet, educational tablet, showing a strong research and development capabilities and innovation, attracting a large number of the eyes of international businessmen.